Rockstar: Three GTA 5 Protagonists "a Leap of Faith".
Rockstar North art director Aaron Garbut has called the decision to include three playable protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5 "a leap of faith"; one which very clearly paid off.
In a new interview on the making of the game with Edge Magazine, Garbut explained that while the idea was there from the GTA 5's conception, it was a massive change to the core of the series and therefore a big risk for Rockstar."
multiple characters was a leap of faith. It was an interesting idea, and it felt like we could do interesting things with it, but it also felt like a change to the core of the game that might backfire. I think it really worked out. Itís so hard during development to get perspective Ė you get so used to looking for the problems that it becomes almost impossible to step back and see the positives."
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