Rage mods have been released by Team XPG.

If you like god mode and no clip then these mods are for you.

DPAD_UP = God Mode

Start = Toggle No Clipping

These mods are basically all you need to have a blast on this game....

thanks to Addz,Feral,and the rest of team Xpg for bearin with me this mornin with the files
- Team XPG -
-Enigma- Caboose - ADDZ - FeralA9X - Jedimaster - madasahat - Bullet -setsae

shouts to Bullet, Splats, oldengineer, JSJA, BEZZA, bowlinhacker, Fierce Deity,
c0ma, pope420, slyfuldragon and all the guys at XPG.


replace your config file with this 1

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